I’ve been assaulted. What should I do?

Everyone deserves to feel safe at work. If you have been assaulted in the workplace, then you need to start thinking about taking action.

While the physical damage caused by an assault might fade over time, the mental distress that assault causes tends to linger in the mind of the victim for months or years beyond the original incident.  You may find it difficult to work or engage in normal activities due to stress, anxiety or illness triggered by your experience.

What is important to remember is that you must quickly take action in order to get access to support and possibly compensation. If you wait too long to make a claim, then Limitation Act 1980 might prevent your claim, which means that you will have no recourse to getting help or payments for the injuries that you have suffered.

Our solicitors can provide you with advice and guidance in the days after an assault in the workplace. We can help you determine whether the assault was the fault of your employer or an external source, as well as represent you in any legal proceedings that may take place. We encourage you to contact us on 0800 038 5321 or 01423 788 738 for a no-obligation consultation and discussion of your potential case.

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